Seven is an Album dedicated to the love which i have been lucky to find and the vision of a life together.

Seven – Songs

“Here Comes the sun” from the wonderful George Harrison.
Produced by Jurik Maretzki in his own Rooted Music Studio.

I met Jurik through Owen Casey while he was producing Owens latest Reggae Album ¨The Dawning¨. On visiting him in his wonderful studio and after absorbing the atmosphere which he has created there i just knew i had to work with him. And i enjoyed every minute of the experience.

I have always deeply loved this song but seeing Sam Brown perform it at the George Tribute Concert in 2002 convinced me that i had to start perfoming it too. About a year ago i started playing it as a ballad at my solo Shows and it more or less developed from there. However the direction it took during production was our musical charachters working in harmony together.

Initially it was just going to be me (my harmonies) and my guitar. Then Jurik suggested Jansen Volkers on the violin who just blew my mind. Then decided to get Yury Rabtsau to come in a do some nice brush work on drums. All that was missing then was the bass and no one can do that better on Beatle Songs than my old friend and collegue Victor Tricky Gomez,

I love it that the song has a peace about it which mirrored the relaxed atmosphere and feeling we had while working on it.

I’m already looking forward to our next session together in ¨Rooted Music Studio” in Schnelsen, Hamburg.…/album/wild-mountain…/id948291626…

“Wild mountain thyme” or “Will you go lassie go” (placed beside the wrong title on iTunes) from Francis McPeake.

Produced by Gerry Owens in his studio on the shores of Lough Corrib in Ireland.

This one i never ever thought would happen but i took a chance by asking and it definately paid off. Gerrys hard and heavy style is normally not suited to mine (and the same can be said the other way around too) but i`ve been a fan of his Music ( and productions for years. And he’s a great guy on top !

I was genuinely surprised to hear what he did (or didn’t do) with this song especially with him never having heard it before. Expecting a huge amount of sound, i recieved a delicate bundle of smallness, full of ambience and his trade-mark elements giving the song a wonderfully suitable landscape to present itself.

It was an honour working with this massively talented musician and Producer.

Thanks G !

“Angel” from Tom Bätzel & Holmer Zastrow

Produced by Tom Bätzel in Chameleon Studio, Hamburg.

This song stems from a project i had with Tom and Holmer called Little Yello. This song was written by the two of them in the blink of an eye. I stood back in awe and watched it let itself be created. All that was left for me to do was to put my emotion into the vocals after letting it sink in.

We released this song in a more produced version but i always prefered it in it`s most basic version. Holmers playing is masterful and creates the space. Tom Baetzel produced this so tenderly and helped me go deep in myself to give the song the honour and respect it deserved. Tom’s brilliant work is also here to be seen together with Moira. (

Angel, for me and the reason it’s on this Album, is for all of those who have gone before us who have somehow brought my wife, Christine McNamara and me together. They have kept a watchful and loving eye over us.
We miss ye and love you all. Thank you !

“Drift Away” from me, Dara McNamara

Produced by Ali Busse at his studio in Hamburg, Germany.

This is probably my proudest song on the album seeing that i wrote it a lifetime ago and took so long to record it. But it became very clear why it needed so much time. And that was to wait til Ali came along to record and produce it for me.

I played with Ali years ago for a few years and befriended him during that period. I have always been a huge fan of his smooth, masterful way of playing. You feel the goodness of his heart in his playing and his love,understanding and feeling for music.

After presenting the song to him he immediately came back with a direction to take it in which i totally felt comfortable with. Coming into the studio for the next session was always an exciting thing to do to hear what he had done while i wasn’t there.

We stuck to an old school feel to it with Ali taking over the playing of all instruments except for mine. He nailed the rhythm part quickly and magnificently then got to work on Rhodes which, to me, gave the song that missing thing.

Ali is a busy man to nail down. He has played and plays with some of Germany stars, especially for Jan Delay for whom he has been the bass player and groove master for 10 years.

Thank you Ali !

It’s been a long wonderful journey to get this baby born and i stand over it smiling like a proud Dad.
So off you go now, spread your wings and drift away!…/a…/the-water-is-wide/id948291626…

The Water is wide” from unknown. Trad Arr from myself Dara McNamara.

Produced by Owen Casey from Ireland in his home studio in Hamburg.

I have been playing this song for years but only on special occasion, more often of late at weddings or ceremonies. The song strikes a very special note inside of me, always has and always will.

The thought behind recording it was and is to give strength to someone very close to me who often needs it. Therefore i took the priviledge in changing the text of the last verse to sound more positive and uplifting.

I wanted to keep this one as simple as possible and had the idea to ask my friend and collegue Owen Casey to record and produce it for me.
We ended up doing it in his home studio in a few short hours.
To top it all off Owen played the irish flute beautifully on it, just one of his many attributes as a musician.

Over the years his music has taken the reggae root with convincing quality. He has actually written one of favourite songs of all time “Running from reality” which features on his new Album “The Dawning”. (

The song has and will accompany me whole life and i’m very proud to have done it together with Owen. There’s a reason for everything !
“Build me a boat that can carry two, and both shall row …. my love and I”

It is you” written by Dara McNamara & Ralf Denker.
Produced by Ralf Denker in Berlin, Germany.

This is really the song which got the whole album and sentiment started for which i will be eternally grateful to Ralf.

I had done alot of advertising work with Ralf when he lived in Hamburg. But it is in Berlin where we finally met up and started working on our own music. I had just written this song for my wife Christine, and was wondering what to do with it.
I went to Ralfs studio and played it for him. He immediately came back with great ideas and changes which we quickly developed.

The finished song comes across so chilled out and easy going, which suits us, even though it explains a tumultuous period in our lives which my wife and i mastered through our deep love for one another.

The sessions with Ralf gave me the confidence to continue with it all as i’ve been relatively shy in recording my own music up til now. He helped me create the momentum and confidence to continue on with the idea and concept.

Working with Ralf is always so creative and honest but more importantly an enjoyable human and musical experience.

Check out more of this great musician, composer & producers work at…/alb…/feels-like-home/id948291626…

Feels like home” from Randy Newman produced by Claus Aktoprak in his home studio in Hamburg, Germany.

“Feels like home” is the theme emotion of this Album.

After a good friend of ours, Hanns, whispered in my ear one night at a gig to listen to the song, it became our love anthem during and after our wedding.

To this day i still get goose-pimples listening to it and well up with tears when i sing along with it as it’s as if it’s been written just for us by the wonderful Randy Newman.

I never tried to equal his performance of his own song as i honestly don’t think that anyone could. All i could try to do was to invest as much emotion and love into it as possible. To do it i needed the help of 2 great musicians and friends, Pianist Merih Aktoprak and her husband & Bass player and producer of this song Claus. (

Due to time issues the two somehow managed to record the song quickly for me although they had never heard it before. We then worked on it over the following weeks with Claus producing it from his boat while sailing arouond Scandinavia.

I thought alot about bringing in other instruments but we decided in this case that a basic, raw and true sound suited the sentiment best.
The recording was made harder due to the fact that i recorded it “in secret” from my wife to surprise her at our wedding. And thankfully it all worked out like a dream.

The fact that two dear friends added their feeling and musicianship to this personnal song means the world to the two of us and we will be eternally grateful for it.

This is an Album of love dedicated to my beautiful loving wife Christine McNamara.

I love you !!!

The words of the song speak for themselves.

“If you knew
how much this moment means to me
And how long I’ve waited for your touch
If you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought I’d love anyone so much

Feels like home to me, Feels like home to me
Feels like I’m all the way back, Where I come from
Feels like home to me, Feels like home to me
Feels like I’m all the way back where I belong”

I say no more :-))),

Please click on the song to listen to it and find out the recording story behind it.

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