I started out playing Solo, like almost every other guitarist and singer I know.

Everything is stripped back to the basics. Just me and my guitar, trying to do it all !

With these shows I like to give a nice mixture of the classic acoustic guitar songs mixed in with a few of my own versions of semi well known numbers. My influences in this area include The Beatles, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Tina Dico, Ray LaMontagne, Chet Atkins, Bill Withers, Glen Campbell, SRV, Albert King and alot of the old blues classics. I guess I’m a blues man at heart. I also love a good ballad and feel very much at ease singing and playing them.

I enjoy songwriting and the whole process of turning an idea or a whim into a song fascinates me. The songs are there and are played often. Not much new material of late though. However I feel the antenna is re-opening again so I’m hoping to catch a bit of that amazing musical energy which is out there waiting to be caught. One just has to be tuned into the right frequency at the right time.

My solo shows are always full of emotion. The fun of life, the seriousness of it too. And then sometimes the pure silliness of it all.

Come along !! See and hear for yourself.

This one is fun !

Pickville is myself and Stephen Kavanagh.
For the larger shows we play with our long time amigo, Nancho (Chile), on drums and, since June of this year, with our old bassist Victor Gomez (Argentina) on Bass.

We’ve been playing together for quite a while in Northern Germany but decided to give the whole thing a bit of an update towards the end of 2010. We recorded a new CD and gave the whole project a new name and direction.

With Stephen and myself coming from Ireland, we decided to go back to our roots and play the good old Irish Folk, mixed in with American Country Music with a dash of Reggae for a happy, feel good measure.

Lots of shows coming up in the Summer and Autumn of this year so stay tuned.

Feel free to e-mail us at info@daramcnamara.com or call me.
Our Homepage is presently under construction.

I play with my three piece band in a few different formations.

Always with me is my long time drummer and amigo, Nancho Campos, from Chile.

The role of bass player changes sometimes. Each of them bring a certain style with them, which I enjoy so much, changing the nature of the shows depending on who is playing.

Victor Gomez ( Rock n’ Roll, 60′s, Pop)

Sebastian Treu (Rock, Current Pop)

Claus Aktoporak (Rock n’ Roll)

Ali Busse (Reggae, Pop)

Sample music:

Am 17. März, dem St. Patrick’s Day, steht das Hamburger Hafenkonzert im Zeichen Irlands. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Tony Christie und die Band Ranagri, Pete Sage von Santiano und die Band Pickville.

(c) NDR 90,3 / Jan Sauerwein